Our Buying Guide

Buying & moving into a new Macar home – we’re here to help you at every stage.

Buying a new home is such an exciting time yet also one of the most important financial decisions you’ll ever make. Our guide highlights the main steps to get you started. When you’re ready, come and talk to one of our sales team who will help to make the process as simple and straightforward as possible.

Choosing your new Macar Home

Get in contact and start your search.

We have a wide range of different properties in locations to suit everyone. Get in contact or check out our homes online to see what takes your interest. Nothing, quite right? Please do get in touch and one of our helpful sales team will be able to tell you what is coming up!

Arrange your finances.

It is important that you work out how much you can afford with your deposit and in mortgage repayments with the lifestyle that you have. A mortgage advisor will advise you on specialised new build mortgage deals and can tell you about your repayments. Consider schemes such as ‘Help to Buy’, needing just 5% deposit. Existing homeowners? Get some advice on the value of your home before you start you search to see if it is viable.

Viewings If the property is built

We will happily show you around following the most recent safety guidelines in place. If the your new home is not yet built, we may be able to visit (by prior arrangement) to see your house under construction.

Arrange a solicitor or conveyancer

Contact a solicitor who will deal with the legal paperwork for you throughout the process and understand costs. Macar also have trusted local solicitors which may be an ideal solution for you.

Don’t panic!

We can help with all of the above so just please let us know, we are here to help and advise you.

Reserving a property

Fees and Forms

To reserve a property, you pay your reservation fee and complete a reservation form. The property is then taken off the market - it is yours!

Setting a date

Our sales team can give you all the detailed property information and advise you on what you need to arrange with your solicitor and mortgage provider.

Make your new home bespoke

If your property is still being built, you can choose options such as kitchen worktops, bathroom tiling and floor coverings to colours on the wall.

Exchanging Contracts

The legal commitment to buy

The exchange of contracts is when the two identical contracts are signed.

Paying the deposit

You now pay your deposit and agree the completion date. The completion date is when you will pay the balance. If your new home is still under construction this date is an estimate, but you will be given at least 10 days’ notice before moving day. The sales team will keep you up to date with news as your new home progresses.

The Completion Date

When you officially become a homeowner! On the agreed completion date, the final legal documents are arranged by your solicitor.

Paying the balance of the money

The solicitor also arranges payment of the remaining money from your mortgage provider. Your home is all yours! Completion date is usually also moving day, but you will be advised on this.

Moving into your dream Macar Home

New home demonstration

Just before completion day you are invited to a home demonstration to see how all the systems in your new home work.

On your move day

We are there to welcome you with those all-important front door keys as well as a handover pack on a handy USB stick. We will also make sure everything is clean, tidy and ready to welcome you home! Enjoy!

Who’s involved in your purchase?

Your mortgage adviser

They arrange your mortgage deal and liaise with your solicitor. We can refer you to an independent mortgage broker if required.

A solicitor or conveyancer

They arrange all the legal paperwork including local authority searches. We can refer you to a solicitor or you can appoint your own.

Our Team

The will explain what is required from you as well and to keep you up to date on your house progress. Don’t forget that we are there to answer questions and communicate between all parties.

After you move in

After care

We appreciate you may have lots of questions that you wouldn’t have necessarily thought of leading up to moving in and we will be at hand to help through your dedicated contact.


Although our fit and finishes are to the very highest quality, we want your new home to be perfect, as we know you do. Please let us know after you move if there is anything that isn’t satisfactory – although we work hard to make sure that this never happens!

Life as a new Macar homeowner

Your experience manager will be in contact to see how you’re settling in and if there is anything else we can do for you.