Macar. A different kind of ethos

At Macar we did not start out with an ambition of just building as many new homes as possible to maximise profits. We wanted to make the lives of our customers better.

We knew that this was a different way of thinking, after all, we were going against the grain. So how did we go about achieving this goal? We set to work on putting pen to paper on firstly establishing Our Vision and then Our Mission, which were the foundations to support this and make it a reality.

Our Vision

Our mission is...

To exceed the expectations of our customers by providing an unrivalled level of luxury in the homes that we build and the service we offer that goes beyond what they thought possible.

Our Vision

Our vision is...

To innovate, design and build ethically sustainable homes that integrate into and enrich the local community. We want to provide a level of quality that enhances the lives and well being of our customers.

So how does this make our customers lives and well-being better?

We think when you buy a home you should be able to just get on and enjoy what is one of the most exciting experiences of your life - without any worries or stress. So, we design homes that aren’t just sustainable and ethical, but we go to great lengths to consider the local surroundings and community. So much so, we think you will be welcomed with open arms!

It is important that you buy a home where no corners are cut. We build to the highest standards, with excellence and quality running through in everything we do. We think about you and your family, your living experience and go beyond what you expect.

This unparalleled attention to detail is culturally part of our nature. This will also be evident throughout your interactions with us, through one of our dedicated customer service team that believe in going that extra mile. In fact, this is so important, we back this up with our customer service charter.

It’s the Macar way of doing things.